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Piano app by Yokee

Yokee’s Piano app allows users to play timeless Piano classics and popular radio hits for free, with no prior experience necessary. The app offers a rich songbook across a wide variety of genres, including classical, popular hits, traditional, and kids' songs. New free songs are added daily, giving users the opportunity to learn new tunes, perfect their favorites, and even challenge their friends to see who is the better pianist. The app features a variety of key functions, including the ability to choose from a huge catalogue of songs, play at different difficulty levels, challenge friends, and improve skills through game levels and challenges. Additionally, the app offers a unique "duet style" feature that allows users to play one part of a tune while the app plays the accompanying melody. The song selection includes a mix of pop, rock, country, classical, and all-time classic songs. On top of that, the app provides tutorial videos, a selection of piano types, more than 190 game levels, and more than 35 skill challenges. There is also an option to subscribe for unlimited access to the VIP song catalog and enjoy an ad-free experience. The app is constantly being improved, and feedback can be provided via email.

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