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Beloved by teachers worldwide, Seesaw is a specialized educational platform designed for elementary classrooms. It combines high-quality instruction, authentic assessments, and inclusive communication in one place. Students can easily showcase their thinking, share their learning, and express their creativity with their teachers and families. Seesaw is used by over 10 million teachers, students, and families in more than a third of elementary schools in the US, as well as in over 130 countries globally.

Teachers highly appreciate the benefits of Seesaw, with 92% of surveyed teachers stating that it makes their lives easier. The platform is built on extensive educational research and has been validated by the industry-leading third-party LearnPlatform. It is considered an evidence-based intervention and is eligible for ESSA Federal Funding with Tier IV designation. Seesaw has also been awarded the ISTE Seal of Alignment, meeting the high standards set for technology-based learning experiences.

Seesaw offers a range of features to facilitate high-quality instruction, including multimodal tools that make learning accessible and engaging. Teachers can deliver standards-aligned instruction that encourages student voice and choice, and present to the whole class or assign group activities for differentiation. The platform provides a vast library of ready-to-teach lessons and activities created by Seesaw's curriculum experts and community of educators.

Inclusive family engagement is another key component of Seesaw. It promotes two-way communication between teachers and families through portfolios and messages. Families gain insight into their child's progress through frequent sharing of student posts and assignments. The platform offers robust Messaging with translation into over 100 home languages and allows teachers to send progress reports to families.

Seesaw also supports the creation of digital portfolios that showcase student growth. Teachers can organize student work by folder and skill, simplifying parent-teacher conferences and report cards. Assessment tools within Seesaw provide data-driven insights into student understanding, allowing teachers to make informed instructional decisions. Formative assessments with auto-graded questions come with detailed reporting, and skills and standards can be tied to activities for progress monitoring.

Seesaw ensures accessible and differentiated instruction to accommodate the needs of all learners. It is compliant with COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR regulations to uphold student privacy. For further assistance, users can access the Seesaw Help Center.

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