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Flora - Green Focus

Flora is an innovative mobile application designed to help users stay off their phones, manage to-do lists, and develop positive habits. By planting a seed in Flora, users can track their progress towards their goals as the seed grows into a healthy tree. The app serves as a coach to inspire personal growth and productivity. Flora also features a function called Focus Trees, which blocks distracting apps to encourage users to prioritize real-life responsibilities. Users can challenge their friends to plant trees together, promoting accountability and productivity. Flora also functions as a comprehensive to-do list and offers a habit tracker to monitor progress and improve time-management skills. Additionally, Flora allows users to contribute to reforestation efforts by offering the option to plant real trees in partnership with tree-planting organizations in Africa and East Asia. With over 2 million productive users, Flora is a valuable tool for individuals seeking to improve their productivity and create positive change in their lives.

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