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Fitingo: Workouts for Women

Fitingo® is a fitness app that offers personalized weight-loss plans and home workouts perfect for women and moms. The app was developed based on the results of over 20,000 people who followed an 8-week fitness plan and submitted their weight and measurements on a weekly basis. According to the estimates, users can expect to lose 3.1-12.8% of their weight through high-intensity fat burn, with an average weight loss of 19.2 lbs for women and 24.4 lbs for men. However, individual results may vary.

With Fitingo®, users can choose their personal trainer and select beginner easy workouts or advanced HIIT training. To start achieving weight loss, users need to provide their current weight, age, height, and waistline measurements, and enable reminders. The app offers several weight loss subscription plans with or without a 3/7-day free trial.

Fitingo® boasts several benefits, including short workout durations of just 6-8 minutes, three times a week. The workouts are designed for all levels, even for obese people. The app features a 12-week program or 30-day daily challenge, allowing users to choose personal trainers and problem areas to focus on. Users can also record their measurements and access 294 exercises without equipment, including HIIT workouts.

The Fitingo® 12-week personalized weight-loss plan for women and moms includes different workouts for each week, targeting specific areas such as the full body, upper body, core, legs, and more. Similarly, the plan for men includes workouts for various areas like the full body, upper body, core, and arms.

The app offers exercises for six problem areas, including the upper body, core, and lower body. Users can access a list of 294 exercises, including lunges, squats, push-ups, and more. It's important to consult with a doctor or physician before starting any serious weight-loss program.

The Fitingo® app is available for download. The subscription price will be charged to the user's iTunes account, and subscriptions can be canceled at least 24 hours before the trial ends. The Fitingo® app is a registered trademark, and its terms of use and privacy policy can be found on their website.

Overall, Fitingo® is a comprehensive fitness app offering personalized weight-loss plans, home workouts, and a range of features to help users achieve their fitness goals.

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