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Seconds Interval Timer

Seconds Interval Timer is praised as the top choice for Tabata, HIIT, and Circuit Training workouts. This interval timer has been recognized by Apple and is highly recommended by celebrity and personal trainers all over the world.

The interval timer offers a full screen, colored display that is easily readable from a distance, whether in landscape or portrait mode. It provides templates for HIIT, Tabata, and Circuit Training, allowing you to combine timers for maximum control. Additionally, the timer can speak your interval names and give warnings for upcoming intervals. You can also choose from various alerts such as beeps and bells.

One of the standout features is the ability to assign music per interval or per interval timer. This allows you to match the intensity of your music to the intensity of your HIIT workout. Furthermore, the interval timer runs in the background while you use other apps, and you can even share your interval timer with others.

In addition to the interval timer, there are other useful timers available. The stopwatch highlights the best and worst lap times, and the countdown timer has five preset durations (though only the first three are available on Apple Watch).

If you use Apple Health, Seconds Interval Timer can utilize it to save workouts or mindful sessions, read body measurements, and calculate calorie expenditure in conjunction with a heart rate monitor.

While most of the features of Seconds Interval Timer are available for free, a one-time in-app purchase is required to use the timers you create more than once.

Please note that Seconds Interval Timer and Seconds Pro Interval Timer are separate products. Although they have identical features after being purchased, they are not interchangeable. If you have purchased one, make sure to download that specific version and restore the in-app purchase within it to access the upgraded features.

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