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ActivityTracker Pedometer

Track your all-day activity without draining your battery and without wearing a fitness gadget! ActivityTracker is a mobile app that allows you to monitor your steps, active calories, distance, active time, and flights of stairs climbed simply by carrying your iPhone or Apple Watch. By increasing your daily activity, you can improve your health and fitness. The app provides detailed tracking of your daily and weekly activity and offers motivation to be more active. With features such as customizable targets, hour-by-hour tracking, and progress graphs, ActivityTracker makes it easy to set achievable goals for fitness. The app also includes integration with Apple Watch and Health app, as well as options for personalization and data export. Additionally, it offers iOS integration features such as lock screen widgets, in-app events, and progress notifications. ActivityTracker is a comprehensive fitness tracking solution that allows you to stay active and reach your goals without the need for additional devices or draining your battery.

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