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Sleepiest: Sleep Meditations

Struggling with sleepless nights? Join the community of 5 million+ users who have turned to Sleepiest, a solution recommended by doctors and Sleep scientists to help you achieve a tranquil slumber each night.

Discover the calm within you with Sleepiest. Our app is your bedtime companion that aids you to fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your rest. This is achieved through a fantastic range of over 350 immersive bedtime stories, 200 soothing sleep meditations, and 150 ambient sleep sounds, designed for adults, kids, and even babies.

With Sleepiest, the journey to dreamland is accompanied by tranquil sleep sounds. Create your personalised soundscape using our "mixer" tool. Layer the soft patter of rain sounds, the soothing rhythm of the ocean, or the calming hum of forest ambiance to curate your ultimate sleep-inducing melody.

If tranquillity is what you seek, look no further than our sleep meditations. Professionally guided and designed to calm your mind, these meditations are your ticket to serenity. Leave behind the day's stress and anxiety, embrace better mental health, and wake up with a smile.

An added feature is our smart sleep tracking, focusing on your sleep opportunity. It automatically starts each night, providing insight into your sleep pattern and showing how Sleepiest is helping you to optimise your rest.

Rise and shine to the gentle nudge of our smart alarm sounds, designed to wake you up naturally and gently each morning. Support for the Apple Watch means you can launch and listen to your favourite stories, sounds, and meditations on the go.

And let's not forget the integration with Apple Health! Sleepiest directly exports your sleep cycle data into the Apple Health app, ensuring compatibility with other health apps.

Don't take our word for it! Here are some reviews from our well-rested users:

“I tried out both this app & Moshi with my two kids, but found the bedtime stories on Sleepiest helped them to sleep faster. Very happy mum.”

“10/10 recommend to fall asleep quickly and reduce anxiety before bed.”

“I often struggle to fall asleep, but it has been so easy to doze off with the music and the stories provided in the app. My mind calms quickly and relaxes my body.”

Whether you aim to relieve stress, boost recovery, enhance mental health, or improve self-care, Sleepiest is here to guide you into a dream-filled slumber. Embrace the world of peaceful sleep today.

Additional Details:

Sleepiest offers an optional upgrade to Sleepiest+. New users receive a free trial period, which auto-renews into either a monthly or yearly subscription. The price for Sleepiest+ is $69.99 for yearly, or $9.99 for monthly.

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