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The Rally app is only available to eligible Rally members. To see if you can access Rally, please check with your benefits manager.

With the Rally app for iPhone, you can conveniently manage your health on the go. Depending on your employer benefits, you can:

- Register and Take the Health Survey: Receive personalized recommendations based on your overall health.

- Join Missions and Challenges: Develop healthy habits by participating in simple activities and friendly competitions on a daily basis.

- Get Rewarded: Earn rewards for taking healthy actions, which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards.

- Sync with Devices: Track your activity using your phone or other devices like Strava, Garmin, or FitBit.

- Access Health Plan Benefits: View your digital medical ID card and plan details in one place for a better understanding and utilization of your benefits.

- Discover Programs: Participate in programs offered by your employer to improve your health.

- Search for Care: Find hospitals, specialists, or treatment facilities and check if they are in-network.

- Compare Costs: Make cost-effective decisions to save money.

The Rally app puts your health in your hands. We value your feedback to enhance the app experience. Share your thoughts at [email protected].

Please note that to best achieve your health goals, our app integrates with the Health app to collect activity data. Additionally, always consult a doctor for medical advice before making any decisions based on this app.

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