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Saged: Spiritual Meditation

Saged is an app that offers a variety of tools and practices to help individuals connect with their inner witch and achieve positive change in their lives. By tapping into the natural world and following rituals based on the Wheel of the Year and pagan calendars, users can deepen their connection with nature and their inner selves. The app provides daily guided meditations, moon and astrology horoscopes, gratitude practices, and Affirmations to enhance resilience against depression and anxiety. Users can choose from quick daily rituals and gratitude exercises or engage in full moon ceremonies to synchronize with nature's cycles. Saged also features a curated Daily Ritual, a Daily Oracle for guidance, daily gratitude practices, guided meditations, multi-day journeys for further spiritual connection, live classes taught by spiritual leaders, and masterclasses for in-depth learning. Additional features include moon horoscopes, astrology, intuitive arts classes, tarot and oracle readings, breathwork sessions, sound healing, manifestation practices, and crystals for healing. The app is free to download, with a premium subscription option for access to the entire content. Pricing details can be found in the app's privacy policy and terms and conditions.

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