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Baritastic - Bariatric Tracker

Baritastic is an app designed specifically for bariatric surgery patients. It offers various features to help users track their Nutrition and water intake, set reminders for vitamins and meals, and even create a photo timeline to monitor their progress. The app also includes a patient journal for logging thoughts and rating hunger and happiness levels. Additionally, there are resources, recipes, and social support groups available within the app. Users can connect with their bariatric program through Baritastic and utilize a body mass index chart. The app is suitable for those considering weight loss surgery as well as those already on their weight loss journey. Users can provide feedback to help improve the app, and if their bariatric program hasn't provided a code, they can reach out to them or inform them about Baritastic for set-up. The app also allows users to connect with Apple Health Kit to track their steps.

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