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Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary is a comprehensive calorie counter and Nutrition tracker that offers various features for weight loss, diet, and nutrition. It includes a barcode scanner for easy food tracking, customizable diet plans, and a simple user interface. The app has received positive reviews from users who appreciate its value for money and informative nature. MyNetDiary has been recognized by Forbes Health and Today's Dietitian magazine as one of the best apps in its category. The app is different from others in the market due to its simplicity, extensive food database, and total data privacy. It allows users to track their food and exercise, receive daily coaching messages, and access a range of nutrition resources. The app also offers premium features such as advanced nutrient tracking, recipe editing, and integration with fitness trackers. Subscription options are available for those who need additional support. Privacy and subscription terms can be found on the MyNetDiary website.

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