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Mo: Meditation & Sleep

Mo is a leading app for sleep, Meditation , and rest, with a community of over 2 million users. The app is endorsed by psychologists and therapists who recognize the benefits of regular meditation for mental health. Mo offers tailored programs to address specific mental health needs based on well-established principles.

The app is beginner-friendly, with initial lessons lasting only four minutes. Mo emphasizes the importance of establishing a daily meditation routine, even if it is short, and provides progression to more advanced meditations over time.

In addition to meditation, Mo offers soothing bedtime stories for a deep and restful sleep experience. The app's library includes over 200 meditation lessons, with fresh content added weekly. Users can track their progress using Apple Health.

Mo's free basic course provides an introduction to meditation theory and practical exercises. Positive effects can be felt after just one week. Testimonials from users highlight the app's effectiveness in improving sleep and reducing stress.

The app is praised for its availability in multiple languages and is comparable to popular apps like Calm and Headspace. Mo also provides a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for user transparency.

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