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Meditation & Sleep by Verv

The Meditation & Sounds by Verv app offers a comprehensive approach to mindfulness, with personalized meditation courses, quick stress-relief singles, relaxing sounds, and essential information on how to meditate. The app provides meditation courses tailored to specific goals, such as productivity, self-esteem, sleep, anxiety, relationships, and weight loss. These courses are available in multiple languages and are tuned to your moods and feelings each time you use the app. The app also offers color therapy, where different colors are used to help set a particular state of mind. It features over 50 sounds to match your mood, including a special sleep pack for children and relaxing music packs for different needs. The app provides scientific-based advice on how to meditate, with regularly updated content. It also offers integration with Apple Health for better health monitoring. The Meditation & Sounds by Verv app is free to download, with a premium subscription available for access to all app content. The subscription prices vary depending on the duration, ranging from $9.99 per month to $59.99 for a lifetime subscription. The app offers a privacy policy and terms and conditions, and any questions or feedback can be sent to the provided email address.

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