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Slowdive | Meditation & Mantra

Meditation is a practice that can be done by anyone and it holds the key to a happier life. It has physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, including healing, stress relief, and mindfulness development. Slowdive is an app that provides various features and resources to support meditation. These include guided meditations, a smart newsfeed that predicts and recommends personalized content, a multi-functional timer for meditation sessions, communal meditation sessions, breathing exercises, analytics and motivation, a variety of music and mantras for background, and a habit formation tool. The app also offers over 100 guided meditations for different scenarios. Slowdive aims to help users develop a regular meditation practice for real and lasting results. The app also integrates with the HealthKit application to track periods of mindfulness. Users can subscribe to access all content, with pricing options ranging from monthly to all-time subscriptions. The app provides options to manage subscriptions and deactivate them if desired. The terms of use and privacy policy can be found on the app's website.

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