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SIXT rent, share, ride & plus

This text discusses the digital car rental services provided by SIXT. It highlights the convenience and efficiency of booking a rental car through the SIXT app, which allows users to access all available car rental offers, reserve their desired car, and manage their reservations. The app also provides information about nearby stations and directions to them. SIXT offers a variety of car options, allowing users to filter their search based on car type, equipment, number of seats, and driver age. The text also mentions SIXT's car-sharing service, which offers a flexible rental period and the option to return the vehicle at any SIXT station in Germany. Additionally, SIXT provides ride, taxi, and chauffeur services, allowing users to book a car with a personal driver. The app provides real-time tracking of the driver's location and offers various car classes to choose from. The text concludes by providing contact information for customer service inquiries.

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