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inDrive. Save on city rides

inDrive is a ride-share application that offers a unique and flexible alternative to traditional taxi booking apps. It has a presence in over 600 cities across 48 countries and is now available in the USA. As a passenger, you have control over the price you're willing to pay for rides and the driver you want to take you. The app also prioritizes safety with vetted drivers, in-app safety features, and a dedicated support team. As a driver, you have the potential to earn more than a traditional cab driver because you can create your own schedule and select the rides you wish to take. The app allows passengers to customize their rideshare experience by choosing the driver they feel comfortable with and setting their own price. Passengers can also view driver information and share trip details with friends and family for added safety. The app also offers the option to include specific requirements or additional information when booking a ride. inDrive has low-to-no service rates for drivers, allowing them to make more money compared to other cab booking apps. Whether you're looking for a ride or want to offer your driving services, inDrive provides a unique and flexible rideshare experience.

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