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TIER - Move Better

The text discusses TIER's mission to offer shared electric micro-mobility options as a sustainable and emission-free alternative to traditional urban transport. TIER's electric scooters, bikes, and mopeds are designed to contribute towards a cleaner and greener city while providing a fun and affordable means of transportation. The convenience of renting a TIER e-scooter is emphasized, highlighting benefits such as no CO2 emissions, easy parking, avoiding traffic, saving time, exploring new cities, and embracing a get-up-and-go lifestyle. The TIER app is introduced as a user-friendly tool for renting rides and provides features such as locating nearby vehicles, unlocking scooters using QR codes, verifying licenses for e-mopeds, redeeming vouchers for free rides, and accessing money-saving deals in the shop. The abstract concludes by encouraging individuals to join TIER in their mission to revolutionize urban travel and combat pollution through sustainable mobility options.

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