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Superpedestrian offers a new generation of safe and convenient e-scooters that are perfect for exploring new places or commuting to the office. With the Superpedestrian app, users can easily locate and unlock a scooter nearby and enjoy the thrill of riding one of their two-wheelers. These scooters are designed with a low center of gravity for a smooth and safe ride, featuring a longer and wider deck for easier riding. Superpedestrian conducts over 1,000 safety checks before and during every ride and stops 37% faster with a triple braking system. Additionally, every ride with Superpedestrian is 100% carbon neutral, certified by Climate Neutral. To ensure rider safety, it is recommended to always wear a helmet, adhere to traffic laws and street signs, and never ride under the influence. When parking, users are advised to use the kickstand to park upright, keep walkways clear, and avoid blocking curb access ramps, doors, loading docks, or bus stops. Superpedestrian is available in over 50 cities globally, where they are actively replacing car trips and promoting healthy and safe mobility. To find a Superpedestrian city near you, visit their website at

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