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The BILT app offers easy-to-follow instructions for getting projects done right the first time. It features interactive 3D animations, zoom and rotate capabilities, and the option for voice narration and text guides. By using the BILT app, users can have confidence in their ability to assemble, install, maintain, or repair products efficiently. The app is free, with participating brands providing 3D instructions as a service. Creating a BILT app account allows users to save receipts, register products, access warranty information, and keep downloaded instructions for future use. The BILT Toolbox provides instructions for various home, auto, and safety projects, as well as guides for basic power tools. Data privacy is prioritized, with personal data only collected if voluntarily provided. User feedback has been positive, with many appreciating the visual learning aspect of the app and its convenience. Overall, the BILT app offers a revolutionary way to ensure projects are done correctly the first time.

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