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Yandex Go: Taxi Food Delivery

Yandex Go is a multi-purpose app that allows users to request rides, order food, and send items across town. With just a tap, users can request a ride or delivery and track their driver in real time. The app offers different service classes, including Economy, Comfort, Comfort+, and Business, to cater to various needs. Users can pay for rides either by card or cash, depending on the location. Yandex Go utilizes smart algorithms to connect riders with drivers who can reach them the fastest, and suggests alternative pickup points to lower fares. The app also allows users to request rides with multiple stops and calculates the fare upfront. For families, Yandex Go offers a family account option where up to four members can use the same bank card to pay for their rides. The app is currently available in several countries including Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Serbia, and Moldova. To provide feedback, users can do so within the app.

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