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Yango: taxi, food, delivery

Yango is a user-friendly app that makes getting around the city easy. Experience the freedom of riding wherever you want and enjoy affordable comfort with Yango. The possibilities are endless!

Choose the service class that suits your needs in terms of comfort and price. Select from Economy for a quick ride, Comfort for a relaxing journey, or The Fastest for the closest available option, regardless of service class.

Safety is paramount with Yango. In the app, you can see the driver's information, including their name and rating, as well as the car they will arrive in. You can also share your route with anyone you choose, ensuring they know your whereabouts.

Yango's smart destination feature suggests destinations based on your ride history. For example, it might offer "home" as a destination if that is your most common request on weekday evenings. Ride smart with Yango!

Making multiple stops during your daily routine is a breeze with Yango. Whether it's picking up the kids, dropping off a friend, or doing some quick shopping along the way, simply add a new stop in the app and Yango will recalculate the driver's route.

Show your loved ones you care by requesting rides for them. Whether it's taking your mother to a doctor's appointment, picking up your special someone, or ensuring your friends get home safely after a night out, you can request up to 3 cars at once with Yango.

Invite your friends to try Yango and enjoy discounts together. Share your personal promo code to receive a discount on your next ride and give your friend an extra discount on their first ride. It's that simple.

In addition to transportation, Yango also offers a fast delivery service. Use Delivery to send personal packages or business orders quickly and efficiently anywhere in the city. Delivery is suitable for items that can be transported by scooter or car.

Yango is an international service available in over 20 countries worldwide, including Norway, Finland, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Senegal, and Zambia.

Please note that Yango is an informational service and not a transportation or taxi services provider. Transportation services are provided by third parties. The size and duration of the discount for first-time rides requested may vary depending on the country and city. For specific details, please open the app.

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