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EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor

This text discusses the features of professional editing tools and AI technology, which enable users to conveniently enhance and edit photos. The AI tool offers various capabilities such as improving clarity and resolution, correcting skin blemishes, separating figures or objects, removing unwanted parts, creating Filters , and experimenting with hairstyles and expressions. Additionally, the professional editing tools provide precise color adjustments, options to create different moods, composition settings, batch editing, and natural editing or copying of specific parts. For perfect portraits, users can utilize features like skin retouch, makeup, face tuner, and filters, as well as tools for smoothing skin, face correction, stylish makeup, and body editing. The text also mentions trendy content options like filters, effects, stickers, text, and customizable templates. Creative tools like AI collage, spot color, mosaic effects, smart cropping, cool photo arrangements, unique backgrounds, and custom stickers are also highlighted. Lastly, the text mentions a movie feature that enables easy mosaics with automatic figure tracking. For subscription inquiries, users can contact the provided link. The text concludes by mentioning the terms of use and privacy policy for the mentioned products and services.

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