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Living Earth - Clock & Weather

Living Earth is a unique clock and weather app that offers users a stunning live 3D simulation of the planet, complete with weather forecasts and a world clock for cities all over the world. Users can view global cloud patterns, track hurricanes and tropical storms, and explore weather dynamics with real-time weather maps and tropical cyclone tracking. The app also includes a view of the planet among thousands of accurately rendered stars, providing a fresh perspective on time and weather. The app has received praise for its visual beauty and functionality, with WIRED calling it "stunning" and Apple highlighting its aesthetic appeal. Living Earth is a universal application, available for both iPhone and iPad, and offers numerous features such as live cloud data, weather maps, world clock, tropical cyclone notifications, and a convenient Today Widget. Additionally, the app features an alarm clock with a music playlist and offers iCloud city syncing for seamless usage across all devices. The weather information provided by CustomWeather ensures quality and accuracy. Users can contact the app's support team via email or connect with Living Earth on Facebook and Twitter.

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