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Little Stories: Bedtime Books

The "Little Stories" series offers a collection of fairy tales that allow your child to play the main role. By simply entering your child's name and gender, you can enjoy reading fairy tales about your son or daughter. The series includes over 2500 pictures, with the choice of illustrations determined by gender. With more than 60 exciting fairy tales and counting, each story is accompanied by enchanting music. Additionally, you have the option to create Audiobooks by recording your own voice. The series aims to provide positive examples and fill your family's leisure time with love and kindness. "Little Stories" was awarded first place in the "App For Kids" category of Golden App in 2016. The creation process involves searching for an author who can create interesting and insightful stories, followed by storyboarding and finding the appropriate illustrator and composer. The translated stories are also available in multiple languages. The final step involves checking the layout and releasing the story for kids. New fairy tales are continuously added to the collection, designed for kids aged 3+.

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