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Alexander - Audio Books

This text is an abstract of Alexander, an international platform that publishes diverse audio entertainment. They offer original stories covering various topics such as culture, sexuality, love, death, nature, science, and society. These stories come from different cultures and ethnicities worldwide, fostering the belief that the world is best understood through imaginative engagement.

Alexander is launching a themed season focusing on water ecosystems, sharing stories about endangered aquatic species like the dugong and vaquita, as well as the people who coexist with them. They also explore topics like the future potential of seaweed, the rights-of-nature movements that grant personhood to rivers, and the fascinating lifeforms thriving beneath the Antarctic ice. Their aim is to provide a diverse range of content from waterworlds across the entire blue planet.

The platform offers hour-long original features written by acclaimed authors and journalists, which are narrated by celebrated actors worldwide for an exceptional listening experience. With new exclusive features released every two weeks, themes span from culture to crime, Hollywood to the environment, science to sexuality. It is curated by experts rather than algorithms, allowing users to filter the collection based on new releases, topical themes, and favorite writers. The platform guarantees an ad-free experience and allows users to seamlessly switch between text and audio, enabling features like narration, note-taking, quote sharing, or word lookup in the dictionary. Additionally, users can try any of the stories for free as they explore the expanding collection of original features.

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