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Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford Dictionary , powered by Oxford Languages, is widely considered a leading authority in language study and reference. This app provides access to the 15 largest Oxford dictionaries, as well as advanced search and learning tools. The dictionaries include English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Hindi, Urdu, Portuguese, Japanese, Greek, Bulgarian, and Thai. The Oxford Dictionary is valuable for professionals, students preparing for exams, academics, and anyone in need of a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary. The app features over 1 million words, phrases, and definitions, a thesaurus, audio pronunciations, special topic references, and a word-of-the-day feature. User-friendly features include customizable lists, word sharing, a home page, auto-correction, and a dark theme option. Advanced search options include autocomplete, keyword lookup, camera search, and voice and fuzzy search. Premium features include unlimited dictionary use, audio pronunciation, offline mode, regular content updates, and no advertising. The app offers pricing and subscription options.

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