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APA Pilot

The Allied Pilots Association (APA) has developed and introduced APA Mobile 2.0, an innovative mobile app/tool for its 15,000 professional pilots at American Airlines. This cutting-edge application offers real-time pilot schedules, arrival/departure weather updates, load details, and crew data. In addition to these features, members of the APA will have access to offline flight histories, news updates, and a comprehensive suite of pilot tools. APA Mobile 2.0 also includes numerous capabilities such as account setup, biometric authentication, navigation bar, touch dashboard icons for navigation, settings management, known crewmember information, auto sign-in, an option to provide feedback, FAR 117 support, APA Reserve BETA, Trip INFO, Commuter INFO, Sentinel, and Pay Check Audit. With APA Mobile 2.0, pilots have an efficient and accessible resource to enhance their professional performance and stay informed.

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