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Ilaro is a research note taking database that combines the features of note cards, research journals, and databases in one interface. It aims to help users organize their research notes, track citations, develop new ideas, and prepare for writing research reports. The app has gained widespread adoption, reaching top grossing app lists in 34 countries, and is used by students, authors, and professionals for a wide range of projects.

Some key features of Ilaro include the ability to quickly record citations and sources, organize research notes with simple tagging, enter sources using ISBN lookup or barcode scanning, track research questions and ideas, manage multiple projects, and sync iOS devices via iCloud.

Ilaro also helps users discover new ideas by automatically tracking connections between research notes, topics, sources, and authors. It allows users to filter note cards by various attributes, use full-text search, save live updating filters, and track topic, source, and author card counts and relationships. The app is flexible and powerful, allowing users to take structured notes, view notes related to events on a timeline, make notes of any length, and prepare bibliographies and export references.

Ilaro is actively used in a variety of projects, including academic research, research papers, book writing, lecture preparation, business and legal research reports, and historical research. Users can also share their work by printing note cards, exporting notes and bibliographies, and exporting cards to other Ilaro users.

The app offers responsive support, with all user feedback carefully considered for improving the app. Users can contact support through the Ilaro website for any questions, feature requests, or to share how they use the app.

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