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Square Point of Sale (POS)

Square Point of Sale is a free app that allows users to conduct transactions anywhere. It offers optional hardware that caters to customer preferences. The app accepts contactless and chip payments through various methods such as payment links, QR codes, Apple Pay, and EMV chip cards. Users can also accept contactless payments using their iPhone through Tap to Pay. The app allows users to issue and track invoices, customize them, and set up recurring invoices. Additional tools such as Online Checkout, Gift Cards, and Team Management can also be added to the point-of-sale system. Users can connect the app to a free Square Online Store to accept orders for pickup and delivery. Funds are transferred to the user's bank account in one to two business days. The app also provides real-time sales and inventory tracking, employee management, and analytics. There are no long-term contracts or surprise fees. Payments from Cash App customers can be accepted through Square Point of Sale. The Square Dashboard app works alongside the POS app, providing sales data, analytics, and other tools. The payment rate is 2.6% + 10¢ per transaction, with next-day transfers to the user's bank account. The app offers additional features such as recording cash and other forms of tender, customizing the POS, sending receipts via email or text message, applying discounts and issuing refunds, and tracking inventory in real time. It can also be connected to various hardware like receipt printers, kitchen ticket printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers.

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