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Reading List: Book Tracker

This text provides an overview of the features and functionalities offered by a book tracking app. Users can easily keep track of the books they have read, are currently Reading , and want to read in the future. They can record the start and finish dates of each book to monitor their reading progress.

The app offers multiple ways to add books to the user's list. Users can scan the barcode of a book for quick and easy addition, search online to find and add books, or manually input book details. The data can be synced across all devices using iCloud.

Users can keep track of their reading by conveniently logging the start and finish dates of each book. The ability to order books helps users plan their next reads, and they can create custom lists such as "Wishlist" or "Favourites". Users can also record their current page, add personal ratings and notes, and view reading statistics.

The app ensures privacy and personalization. No online account or signup is required, and all data is stored either on the device or in the user's iCloud account. Users also have the option to export and import their data.

Some premium features are available through Reading List Pro, which can be purchased within the app. However, the app remains fully functional and useful without this upgrade.

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