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Easily manage all your Email accounts in one place with the ability to create, access, and organize your messages. Enhance your emails by adding images, scanning documents, creating sketches, and attaching files with the convenient Format Bar. Stay on top of important emails by setting reminders, scheduling messages, and receiving follow-ups. Enjoy increased peace of mind with Mail Privacy Protection, safeguarding your Mail activity from senders.


- Access emails from multiple providers, including iCloud, Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, and Outlook, all consolidated into a single inbox.

- View all your accounts together or filter to see specific mailboxes, unread messages, or flagged emails.

- Effectively manage your inbox by scheduling emails, receiving reminders for sent messages, and setting reminders for future email responses.

- Receive notifications for emails from important contacts by designating them as VIPs.

- Easily triage emails with swipe gestures to quickly archive, delete, flag, or mark them as read or unread.

- Enhance your emails by adding images, scanning documents, creating sketches, attaching files, and utilizing text formatting tools from the convenient Format Bar.

- Use Markup to annotate photos and documents with drawings, comments, or your own signature.

- Seamlessly send large attachments through iCloud using Mail Drop.

- Enjoy an improved search function with intelligent features that correct typos and suggest synonyms.

- Maintain your privacy with Mail Privacy Protection, hiding your IP address and preventing senders from tracking your mail activity.

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