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Pic Stitch - Collage Editor

Pic Stitch is a powerful collage maker for iPhone and iPad that allows users to transform their camera roll into stunning collages. With over 375 collage layouts, 25 filter packs, and more than 20 border packs, Pic Stitch offers a simple design with a robust collage editor. Users can create before-and-after sequences, combine multiple photos and videos into one beautifully framed collage, or produce a photographic series with music. The app also allows users to share their masterpieces with friends and family on popular social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Pic Stitch is recommended for anyone looking to enhance their Photography game, whether they are a social media influencer, blogger, content creator, or simply want to create unique collages to share with friends. The app offers professional-looking collages and powerful tools and templates used by top photographers in the industry. It is the secret tool used by social media influencers to make their content a masterpiece.

Key features of Pic Stitch include an easy-to-use UI, various photo editing features such as filters, effects, stickers, text editing, drawing tools, and watermark editing. Users can also customize photo borders, pan, rotate, flip, mirror, zoom their photos, and explore different aspect ratios optimized for sharing on social media.

Overall, Pic Stitch is a versatile and user-friendly app that allows users to create stunning collages and elevate their photography skills. It has received recognition as one of the top 7 photo apps and top 100 apps of all time according to Mashable.

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