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Doc Scan - PDF Scanner

This text introduces the features and capabilities of DocScan, an app that transforms your iPhone or iPad into a pocket scanner, PDF editor, and photo collage maker. With DocScan, users can scan and OCR documents to produce high-quality images, enter texts and fill forms, sign, draw, collage, and send documents as PDF, JPEG, TXT, or docx files via Email , FAX, SMB, Cloud Services, WebDAV, and iTunes/WiFi file sharing. The app also offers the ability to edit texts, lines, and pictures, archive receipts and coupons, convert notes and business cards to digital copies, OCR/recognize text from scanned images, save books and articles for later reading, and create meeting minutes or memos from whiteboard discussions. Notably, DocScan allows users to create photo collages by combining multiple pages into one sheet, making it useful for printing multiple pages on one A4/Letter paper. Additionally, the app supports scanning QR codes, transferring documents between devices, and offers features like fast scanning with high-quality images, correction of perspective distortion, image enhancement, text editing, file naming rules, and password protection for privacy. Users can also organize and search documents, merge, delete, duplicate, rename, move, import, and export documents. Furthermore, DocScan offers multiple options for sharing and exporting scans, such as in-app faxing, upload to cloud services with OCR, email, printing via AirPrint, exporting to photo albums, iTunes/WiFi file sharing, reminders, and Apple/Google/Outlook Calendars. The app also allows importing files from other apps, receiving faxes with a subscription, and offers various subscription plans with features like cloud backup and restore of documents. The terms of service for the app can be found in the provided link.

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