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OpenPhone: Second Phone Number

OpenPhone is an all-in-one phone system designed for teams. It provides powerful calling, messaging, and a lightweight CRM to effectively manage customer and contact interactions. Users can obtain a custom phone number, either with a local area code or toll-free, or port their existing number. With unlimited talk and text and a range of powerful features, OpenPhone enables businesses to efficiently operate.

One of OpenPhone's key benefits is the ability for teams to work collaboratively from a shared inbox, delivering an enhanced customer experience. The platform is scalable and allows for the addition of multiple numbers for different departments and teammates as the company grows.

OpenPhone provides unlimited calling to the US and Canada, allowing users to easily reach their contacts in either country for free. Additionally, conversations are streamlined as call logs, recordings, and transcribed voicemails appear alongside texts in a seamless manner.

The platform offers comprehensive support, including an extensive Help Center and industry-leading customer support. OpenPhone also allows users to keep personal and business numbers separate, ensuring clear communication and professionalism.

Users can try OpenPhone for free for seven days, with easy setup on existing smartphones and computers. There is no long-term contract required, and cancellation can be done at any time.

Key features of OpenPhone include integrations with popular platforms such as HubSpot, Zapier, Salesforce, Slack, and Google Contacts. It also offers automatic and on-demand call recordings, voicemail transcription for faster follow-up, time-saving texting options through auto-replies and snippets, professional phone presence customization, shared numbers for distributed call and text management, and a separate address book for OpenPhone contacts to provide necessary context for customer satisfaction.

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