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Phoner: Second Phone Number

The Phoner app is a second phone number app that allows users to make calls and send texts without revealing their real phone number. It offers various features such as a reverse phone number lookup, anonymous caller identification, and private texting and calling. Users can get a free trial number and access free minutes and texts. Phoner supports international calling and texting, and users can choose from a range of US, UK, Canada, and international phone numbers for their various needs. The app also offers call recording, call forwarding, and spam identification features. Instead of purchasing physical burner phones, Phoner allows users to generate and dispose of temporary phone numbers as needed. The app offers a subscription plan for premium numbers, with prices ranging from $4.99 to $129.99 depending on the type of subscription. Users can manage their subscription and cancel auto-renewal through their account settings. The app is available on the App Store.

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