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TalkU: Unlimited Calls + Texts

The TalkU FREE calling app allows users to make unlimited free calls and texts via WiFi or cellular data, without the need for cell minutes. Users can save up to 90% on international calls and texts. The app offers various features, including free calling and texting between TalkU users, cheap international calls to over 200 countries, free domestic and international SMS text messaging, and the ability to turn iPads and iPods into phones. TalkU provides real phone numbers for free and allows users to add new lines to their phones.

The app also enables free WiFi calls and text messages to any phone number worldwide, regardless of whether the receiving device has TalkU installed or not. It offers cheap international calls to more than 200 countries, with rates that can save users 90% on international calling. Crystal clear phone calls are made possible through TalkU's high-quality dedicated VoIP network and HD voice technologies.

Additional features of TalkU include caller ID, call recording, call forwarding, group conference calls, call blocking, voicemail customization, instant messaging with photo and video sharing, and walkie talkie capabilities. TalkU offers various subscription options for phone numbers in different countries, as well as an option to remove ads for a monthly fee.

Users are encouraged to download TalkU to connect with people for free and make international calls without paying excessive fees. It is important to note that unlimited free SMS, texts, and international calls are only available between TalkU users. The app's privacy policy and terms of use can be found on the official website.

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