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Spruce: Medical Communication

This text introduces Spruce, a platform for HIPAA-compliant communication and care outside of traditional medical settings. Spruce offers a range of features including calling, texting, faxing, secure messaging, video chat, and more, all accessible from one secure app. It is designed for healthcare professionals and their patients, providing powerful tools for team collaboration, telehealth, business phone functionality, and automated custom communications.

For healthcare professionals, Spruce offers new phone and fax numbers, mobile and desktop apps, built-in compliance features such as HIPAA BAA and two-factor login security, as well as advanced phone system capabilities. Messaging and fax options are also available, along with telehealth features like secure video calling and adaptive clinical questionnaires. Other features include automated after-hours scheduling, automation capabilities, panel management tools, and secure team collaboration features.

For patients, Spruce is always free and offers a secure patient app for mobile and desktop devices. Patients can receive video calls from their care team, send and receive secure messages (including photos), and receive alerts for new activity.

Healthcare professionals can start a free 14-day trial of Spruce, while patients can download the app for free. Patients are advised to ask their healthcare team for an invitation to connect on Spruce and encourage their healthcare providers to sign up for the platform.

Overall, Spruce aims to enhance clinical operations and improve communication and care between healthcare professionals and their patients.

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