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Cooking Dash™

Flo, the main character of the game, becomes a celebrity chef and cooks her way to TV fame in COOKING DASH. Players will navigate through a fast-paced time management game where they prepare, cook, and serve delicious menu items in various exotic restaurants. The game features a live studio audience that reacts to the player's performance, adding to the excitement. Along the way, players will encounter quirky customers, superstar VIPs, and engage in fast-paced kitchen action. The objective is to earn profits in each episode and excel as a chef, beating series finales and competing in the Trial of Style.

The game offers hundreds of episodes to complete, each taking place in a unique restaurant show. Players will encounter venues such as the Vegas-themed Table Steaks, the crazy Taco Train, and the trendy Hip Stir Cafe, with more venues planned for the future.

To become more successful and famous, players can spend their profits on upgrades for food and appliances in their restaurant. This allows for improved service, ensuring that all customers receive a three-star experience.

COOKING DASH also introduces Weldon Brownie's game show, Spin to Win, where players can spin a prize wheel daily to win a variety of rewards, including gold, prep Recipes , VIP tickets, auto chefs, outfits, and pets.

Players can dress up Flo in fun outfits themed for each show and equip pets to assist in the kitchen by auto-serving prep recipes.

For those looking for an extra challenge, the game offers series finales, which provide a gauntlet of challenging levels in a venue. Players must beat every episode with four or more stars to unlock these finales.

The Trial of Style is a multiplayer event that challenges players to demonstrate their skills in different venues.

In the Prep Kitchen, players can create special recipes that attract more customers. These special recipes can increase the player's fame, reward cool items, and provide special powers that boost profits.

As players progress, they will have the opportunity to host their own show, entertaining elite VIPs and hosting dinner parties in front of millions of viewers. This will further increase their fame and success as a TV chef.

COOKING DASH also allows players to connect with friends, exchanging gifts, and competing with each other to achieve the top spot.

The game is free to play, with optional in-app purchases available. It supports iPhone X, offering a true wide-screen experience. Players are advised to adjust their device settings to disable in-app purchasing if desired. COOKING DASH features advertising and allows for user interaction, but social networking features are not intended for individuals under the age of 13. A network connection is required to play and access certain features/content.

For more information on data collection and usage, players can refer to the privacy policy on Glu's website. Any issues with the game can be addressed by contacting Glu's customer support. Overall, COOKING DASH promises to be an insanely fun dash game for players to enjoy.

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