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MouseWait for Disneyland

This text is an abstract promoting the MouseWait app, which is a popular Disneyland app that has been available since 2009. The app is described as the first AI-powered amusement park virtual assistant. It introduces "Kate," a personal virtual Plaid who can help users with various tasks such as effortless Dining reservations, insider tips based on 13 years of MouseWait park data, saving time and money through exclusive access to the vacation club, and providing real-time itineraries using AI technology trained on park data and vacation experience.

The app offers a subscription model to support its development and unlock all MouseWait apps, including Disney World and the forthcoming app. The benefits of the subscription include access to a private forum that scours the web for travel deals, chat capabilities with the virtual Plaid, and the convenience of having a personal assistant for trip planning.

The MouseWait app has garnered accolades from various publications and personalities, including recognition from The Huffington Post, OCWeekly, BuzzFeed, and Macworld. It has been praised for its wealth of information, user-friendly interface, and helpful features.

The app is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company, but it does provide valuable resources for Disney enthusiasts and visitors to the Disneyland Resort. It also offers a family-friendly social lounge and access to a historical crowd index.

For support or feedback, users are encouraged to contact the app's team via email. The app has been featured in various media outlets, including TV appearances on Ryan Seacrest, CBS, and more.

The abstract concludes by providing links to the app's privacy policy and terms of use.

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