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Transact Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering is a convenient way to order, pay, and pick up meals using your mobile device. With this app, you can browse restaurants and menus, order from your favorite campus spot, and pay with your credit/campus card or meal plan. The app will provide updates on when to expect your order and notify you when it's ready. Additionally, it will remember your favorites for easy reordering.

Furthermore, Mobile Ordering offers rewards for shorter order and wait times, as well as the opportunity to earn reward points at participating locations. You can earn points for various actions such as opening messages, placing orders, and rating your purchases. Completing challenges can allow you to level up and earn points even faster. These points can then be used to enter contests and receive rewards.

Overall, Mobile Ordering provides a seamless and efficient way to order and pick up meals, while also offering the possibility of earning rewards and points at participating locations.

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