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Atmosfy: Discover New Places

Atmosfy is a platform that allows users to explore various aspects of their city and the world through short videos. Users can easily browse 10-second videos created by local experts and passionate visitors about Dining , nightlife, experiences, hotels, and more. The platform also provides features to filter videos by hashtag, distance, cuisine, feature, price, and more, making it simple to find exactly what you're looking for.

With Atmosfy, users can experience different places through videos, gaining a sense of the vibe and atmosphere before actually visiting. The platform also enables users to stay updated on current events and activities in their city, as well as browse through past and upcoming events.

For travel enthusiasts, Atmosfy allows virtual exploration of over 150 countries, providing insights and recommendations from locals around the world. Users can also create a personal travel map to track all their experiences and share them as recommendations with others.

Additionally, Atmosfy supports local businesses by allowing users to highlight their favorite experiences through video and recommend them to others. By sharing these recommendations, users can help promote and support local establishments and contribute to the local economy.

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