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Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a massively multiplayer party knockout game where players compete online with up to 32 participants. In this fun multiplayer knockout battle royale, players must run, stumble, fall, jump, and ultimately aim to win. The game offers various maps, levels, and game modes, including races, survival elimination, and team play. By surviving the chaotic gameplay and crossing the finish line before friends, players can qualify for the next round and earn rewards and stars. Stumble Guys also allows players to create their own multiplayer parties to challenge friends and family. Additionally, players have the opportunity to personalize and upgrade their Stumblers with unique customizations such as emotes, animations, and footsteps. With a new Stumble Pass available each month, players can unlock fresh content and other rewards. With over 30 maps, levels, and game modes, Stumble Guys provides a diverse and exciting multiplayer experience for players to stumble, fall, and win their way to victory.

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