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mayk voices: AI music studio

This text describes, a platform nominated as one of the top five 2023 Best of Voice Technology by The Webby Awards. allows users to create their own songs using AI Lyrics , AI voice filters, and beats. It also features a text-to-song generator for turning ideas into sounds for social media. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, offering a simple and fun way for musicians to create DIY songs directly from their phone. Features include a free music studio with professional-level voice filters, a selection of trendy beats made by Tiktok and Grammy producers, and editing tools for creating high-quality tracks. also functions as an indie music discovery and platform for showcasing talent, helping musicians grow their fan base and connect with like-minded artists. The community aspect allows users to participate in artist charts, explore different genres, and share and discover songs. Additionally, provides options for sharing songs on popular social media platforms and uploading music to Spotify. The platform's social media handles, where users can find updates, event information, and more music news, are provided, along with a link to their website and terms of use.

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