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1998 Cam - Vintage Camera

The 1998 Cam is a Camera app that emulates the retro feel of analog film. It offers a variety of popular film filters, as well as effects like light leaks, dust, and graininess. The app is designed for both young people and professional photographers who want to capture, edit, and share photos and videos on social media. Features include over 100 filters, real-time preview, a classic date stamp, self-timer, and advanced editing tools. The app also supports importing photos and videos from the gallery, and there is no watermark. Additionally, there are pro features available, which include ad-free access to all features. The 1998 Cam has become a popular selfie camera app in 2019, allowing users to create vintage-looking images and videos with a nostalgic vibe. The app's photo and video editor provides the ability to customize filters and effects after capturing the content. Users can share their edited photos and videos on various social media platforms. The app is available for download and offers a unique retro photo-editing experience.

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