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EyeEm - Photography

This text discusses EyeEm, a platform that allows photographers to turn their inspiration into money by selling their photos. The platform offers various ways to gain exposure and connect with leading brands, image buyers, and media outlets. EyeEm Selects, a world-leading technology, helps photographers find their best shots and maximize their visibility. The platform also offers opportunities to get discovered, win prizes, and submit photos for use by media agencies and brands. EyeEm provides tools, tutorials, and a passionate Photography community to help photographers improve their skills. The platform uses computer vision technology to identify the photos with the most selling potential. EyeEm also offers seamless editing with a wide range of filters, styles, and editing tools. The platform ensures the protection of photographers' copyright and offers control over the selection of photos for sale. EyeEm shares all revenue with the creators, reinventing the way brands and agencies license authentic, royalty-free images. Overall, EyeEm allows photographers to tap into a whole new world of photography and up their photography game.

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