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Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Inc. offers a construction management app called Autodesk Construction Cloud that is designed to simplify project management for construction teams. The app integrates with Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, Autodesk Docs, Revit, Navisworks, PlanGrid, and AutoCAD, providing access to construction and document management tools, collaboration features, and project data from any location.

Key features of Autodesk Construction Cloud include construction collaboration tools such as issue tracking, scheduling, forms management, asset management, and meeting minutes. The app also provides file management capabilities for easy access to drawings, plans, and 3D models, allowing for quick comparisons, sharing, and markup. Additionally, the app supports quality control processes through seamless RFI management, submittal tracking, and photo integration.

Customer testimonials highlight the benefits of Autodesk Construction Cloud, including improved access to 3D models in the field, real-time document access for field employees, and efficient issue tracking and resolution. The app aims to streamline construction projects, reduce risks, and deliver high-quality results.

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