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Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker

This text discusses the features and capabilities of the Ghost Lens app, which allows users to create out-of-body experiences and stunning videos and photos to impress their Instagram and Snapchat followers. With this app, users can change the transparency and add "Fade in" and "Fade out" effects to their videos and photos, creating a ghost-like appearance. The app also offers various other features, including cloning oneself in videos and photos, applying filters and effects, creating illusion videos and photos, making collages, editing clips, adding ghost stickers and text, and adding background music. The app works by selecting a split layout, snapping or loading a background video/photo, snapping or loading another video/photo and adjusting its transparency, and adding alpha labels on the timeline for fade effects. Users can then generate and share their creations on social networks. The app also offers a GhostLens Premium subscription, which provides access to premium features, updates, and new ghost effects and stickers. Subscription options include monthly and annual plans, with automatic renewal unless canceled. The text also provides links to the app's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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