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Keynote is a powerful presentation app designed specifically for mobile devices. With Apple-designed themes and intuitive controls, users can easily create engaging presentations on their iPad or iPhone. Keynote offers a range of features including the ability to add text, images, charts, tables, and shapes with just a few taps. Users can also draw and write using either Apple Pencil or their finger. The app allows for cinematic animations and transitions, giving presentations a professional touch. Additionally, Keynote supports the inclusion of live videos, enabling presenters to appear on slides during remote presentations or instructional videos. Collaboration is made easy with real-time collaboration tools, allowing multiple users to work together on a presentation simultaneously from various devices. Keynote offers a range of sharing options, including the ability to share presentations publicly or with specific individuals. It also supports importing and editing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Furthermore, Keynote provides tools for creating stunning presentations, such as the ability to change slide layouts and backgrounds, add live video, use interactive charts and animations, and enhance presentations with a library of editable shapes. The app also offers features like removing image backgrounds, applying preset styles, and precise editing with rulers and alignment guides. Keynote provides cinema-quality animations, including cinematic slide transitions and text/object animations. Presenters have access to a customizable presenter display and can rehearse a presentation using the current slide, presenter notes, and timer. Keynote supports external displays and streaming options for presenting to an audience, and participants can take turns controlling a shared presentation. During a presentation, users have easy access to tools like the slide navigator, keyboard shortcuts, live video sources, and multi-presenter slideshow controls. Keynote also offers functionality for highlighting with Apple Pencil or a finger, controlling the slideshow from other devices like an iPhone or Apple Watch, and creating self-running interactive shows for kiosks and displays. The app is integrated with iCloud, allowing users to access and edit presentations from multiple devices and browser-based access. Keynote automatically saves presentations as changes are made. Users can easily share their work by exporting presentations to various formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, movies, and image files. Additionally, sharing can be done using AirDrop or by sending a link via email or messages. Some features may require an internet connection, and additional fees and terms may apply.

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