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The Mindfulness App

We offer over 400 guided meditations and courses from experts worldwide, catering to every mood, time of day, and experience level. Our app provides a range of options, including guided meditations and courses covering various topics in over 10 different languages. Sleep Stories are available to help you wind down at night, and reminders are provided to ensure you remember to meditate. Daily Notices help keep you mindful throughout the day, and personalized user statistics track your progress. The Mindfulness App also integrates with Apple Health App and Apple Watch.

For those who prefer silent meditation or want to personalize their practice, our app allows you to choose from 3-99 minute meditations, with options for silent or guided sessions. You can include bells and a guided introduction, and select different background sounds such as forest, rain, or waves. Your favorite meditations can be saved for quick access.

As a new user, you can take advantage of our Free Trial, which grants you full access to all premium content for a week. Our Premium Subscription offers unlimited access to all meditations and courses, covering over 20 different topics. With this subscription, you can also make meditations and course sessions available offline, and regularly discover new favorite meditations and teachers.

To access the premium version, we offer an auto-renewable subscription priced at $79.99 per year for US customers. Prices may vary in other countries, and conversion to local currency may apply depending on your country of residence.

We are dedicated to helping you find what suits your needs and integrating meditation into your daily life to enhance your well-being. Join us on your mindfulness journey and experience the benefits of meditation wherever you go!

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