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Browser and Documents Manager

The abstract for the text is as follows:

This text describes an app that allows users to download and browse files and documents on their iPhone, iPod, or iPad, similar to how they would on a computer. The app provides a full-featured Download Manager that includes features such as auto-correcting file names, fast download speeds, safe pause and resume functionality, and support for background modes. It also offers a web browser similar to Safari with bookmarking capabilities, private browsing by default, multiple tabs, a customizable search engine, and user-agent settings. The app includes a File Manager that allows users to edit and organize files in folders, extract zip archives, and work with various file formats including doc, xls, pdf, ppt, txt, html, and rtf, among others. It also supports iCloud, Camera Roll, and iTunes file sharing, and allows users to open files in other apps. However, it does not include any audio or video download features or related functionality, and is limited to downloading non-audiovisual content such as pdfs, docs, and xlsxs.

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